What happens at a chiropractic office?

Visiting a chiropractor is often quite similar to visiting other healthcare providers but it does have some unique elements however. You may likely find the office/reception setting and intake procedures quite identical or rather similar, but many individuals have observed the distinctive appearance of the chiropractic treatment table. These tables are often quite elaborate to allow specific positioning and movement during spinal adjustments hence assisting with chiropractic treatments carried out or performed by chiropractors.

A first visit to a chiropractor includes a one-time intake process, physical exam and accompanied by treatment and follow-up plan(s) where and when necessary.

What goes on during the Chiropractic intake?

An initial/first visit chiropractic intake is quite similar to that of a standard medical intake. You will most likely have to complete a health questionnaire and answer questions about your health history along with providing details about your current pain and symptoms. This would be the best time to state and point out all your problem areas(on a human body chart) as it may play a huge role in determining your treatment plan etc.

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